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NMWS General Bylaws & 2019 Organizational Chart

2019-04 Bullet List Bylaws Changes 2010 to 2019.pdf

The NMWS Signature Member Group (SMG) is a satellite of the NMWS. Any NMWS Active member who has had 5 works accepted into 5 exhibitions (Spring or Fall Show, Masterworks or Western Fed), within 5 years, qualifies for Signature Member Group status and may use “NMWS” after their name in signing a painting.

Please click on the link below to read a full copy of the Signature Member Group Guidelines.


The NMWS Signature Member Group is a subset of members within the general NMWS. To view General Signature Member Group  information and requirements, the Signature Member Group Guidelines and the Application to join the Signature Member  Group, please see the MEMBERSHIP tab (and click on "Signature Member Group") or click on this link Signature Member Group  and the attached online Registration & Payment link : Application for NMWS Signature Membership

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