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  • Barbara Nechis2
    Barbara Nechis2
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    Barse Miller2
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    Frank Eber
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    Frank Walker
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    Ken Hosmer
  • Mary Todd Beam
    Mary Todd Beam
  • Naomi Brotherton
    Naomi Brotherton
  • Ralph Douglass
    Ralph Douglass
  • Raymond Jonson1
    Raymond Jonson1
  • Robert Landry2
    Robert Landry2
  • Robert Secrest
    Robert Secrest
  • Jo Taylor
    Jo Taylor
  • Ou Mie Shu1
    Ou Mie Shu1
  • Frank Webb1
    Frank Webb1
  • Julia Jordan
    Julia Jordan
  • Thomas Schaller
    Thomas Schaller
  • Stephen Quiller2
    Stephen Quiller2
  • Tom Hill
    Tom Hill
  • Mel Stabin
    Mel Stabin
  • George Post2
    George Post2
  • Don Brackett
    Don Brackett
  • Gale Waddell
    Gale Waddell
  • Milford Zornes3
    Milford Zornes3
  • Marilyn Hughey-Phillis
    Marilyn Hughey-Phillis
  • Milford Zornes1
    Milford Zornes1
  • Phyllis Garoutte2
    Phyllis Garoutte2
  • Hal Lambert
    Hal Lambert
  • Gerald Brommer
    Gerald Brommer
  • Lian Quan Zhen1
    Lian Quan Zhen1
  • Millard Sheets3
    Millard Sheets3
  • John Pellew
    John Pellew
  • Robert Wood1
    Robert Wood1
  • Ann Smith2
    Ann Smith2
  • Nancy Eberhard
    Nancy Eberhard
  • Matilda Pierce
    Matilda Pierce
  • Joyce Faulknor
    Joyce Faulknor
  • Judi Betts1
    Judi Betts1
  • George Post1
    George Post1
  • Morris Shubin
    Morris Shubin
  • Lita Chavez
    Lita Chavez
  • Joseph Bohler
    Joseph Bohler
  • Mary Ann Beckwith
    Mary Ann Beckwith
  • Ted Schuyler
    Ted Schuyler
  • Milford Zornes2
    Milford Zornes2
  • Mabel Culpepper
    Mabel Culpepper
  • Eric Wiegardt
    Eric Wiegardt
  • Tony Couch
    Tony Couch
  • Jan Kunz3
    Jan Kunz3

NMWS Permanent Collection Paintings and Artists

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Southern NM 

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NEW MEMBERS! - Please prepare 2-3 of your matted paintings for the June 2, New Members' Show and Tell during the meeting. Don't be shy! Regular members want to see your art as a way of becoming better acquainted. This is NOT a critique, but rather an introduction and an opportunity to share.


Registration for the Keiko Tanabe Fall Watercolor Workshop, October 2-5 will open soon. It will fill quickly so mark your calendars now for those Fall dates.

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