New Mexico Watercolor Society 

Permanent Collection List of Paintings and Artists

in Alphabetical Order

2-12     Barnes, Carol Untitled 21x25
2-11     Beam, Mary Todd Albuquerque Sunrise 28x24
2-29-b  Beckwith, Mary Ann The Thought: Beauty and Joy 34x28
2-25     Betts, Judi Untitled (Victorian Porch) 20x16
1-41     Betts, Judi Keeping It Country 26x33
1-42     Bohler, Joseph Untitled (Barn) 22x30
2-44     Brackett, Don** Stanley, NM 22x30
1-2       Brackett, Don** Title Page 22x28
1-14     Brandt, Rex Acoma, Sky City 15x26
1-34     Brommer, Gerald Lighthouse and Rocks 24x31
2-2       Brotherton, Naomi Untitled (Flowers) 20x28
2-46-b  Brouillette, Al Nature’s Prism 31x38
2-2-a    Carr, Betty Celebration Time 21x25
2-35     Chen, Chi Shady Lakes 27x37
1-33-a  Chevez, Lita** Maureen’s Twin 31x39
2-49     Cobb, Virginia Quiet Places 31x37
1-45     Couch, Tony Village Stroll 29x42
2-5       Courington, Doyle** Summer’s Exit 31x39
1-1       Culpepper, Mabel
1-7       Daniels, David Koi & Lily-2007 40x32
2-29-f   Deadman, Pat Red Sky At Morning 32x39
2-4       Dillard Stroud, Betsy Madonna 33x40
2-31     Douglass, Ralph Sandias At Sunset 32x26
2-9       Eberhard, Nancy* The Journey-2007 22x30
2-1       Faulknor, Joyce Hydrangeas a la Mode 25x27
2-29-a  Gale, David** The Plumbed Serpent 25x31
1-38     Garoutte, Phyllis Still Life 26x31
2-24     Garoutte, Phyllis Oak Tree 23x30
2-45     Hall, Arthur Northern New Mexico 32x39
1-18     Harroun, Dorothy** Wall Shrine, Sienna 22x28
2-21     Hight, Beatrice Off Shore 23x30
1-48     Hill, Tom Market At Patzcuaro 34x43
1-10     Hofstetter, Jane Cascade-2008 33x41
1-43     Hosmer, Ken Someday The Hat Will Fit 23x30
2-22     Hughey-Phillis, Marilyn Spring Interlude (print) 12x17
2-23     Hurd, Peter The Pink House 17x20
1-21     Johnson, Rebecca** Steve 38x30
2-29-c  Jonson, Raymond Chromatic Contrasts #7 28x22
1-9       Jonson, Raymond Untitled 1938 #8 42x32
2-3       Jordan, Julia** Am I Blue? 31x39
1-36-a   Kingman, Dong Chinatown (lithograph) 21x16
2-8       Kunz, Jan Portrait with two prelims 22x26
1-8       Laird, Robbie Maui Waterfall-White Ginger-2006 30x22
1-13     Laitinen, Dale Tilted Mesa, Southern Utah 21x29
2-10     Lambert, Hal Pods-2005 19x22
1-47     Landry, Robert Seascape 31x16
1-11     Landry, Robert Rio Grande at Coronado Ruins 21x28
2-48     Lawrence, Skip In Keepers Inn ‘93 31x36
X-X       Makowski, Robin Lee
1-51     Miller, Barse Maine Still Life 26x31
1-16     Miller, Barse Cloister 22x29
1-4       Necchis, Barbara Workshop Demo-2002 17x21
2-42     O’Conner, Carla Untitled-2005 23x19
1-5       Orr, Carol Calving II-2003 38x30
2-5       Mie Shu, Ou Lion 29x28
1-39     Mie Shu, Ou Running Horses 17x23
1-46     Pellew, John Penobscot Fisherman 28x36
1-23     Pierce, Matilda** You’re Putting Me On 34x29
1-50     Post, George Algodones 28x33
2-19     Post, George Boats In Harbor, California 26x29
1-3       Post, George Set For Johnny Belinda 24x29
1-37     Post, George Mexican Bouquet 27x32
1-36     Quiller, Stephen Spring-San Cristobal 26x38
1-47     Quiller, Stephen Early Autumn - Patterns with Blue
1-24     Ron Ranson Blue Waterfall 21x25
2-46-a  Reid, Charles Nude 28x30
1-11     Russell, Bella Begger Mother 33x27
2-36     Schuyler, Ted New Mexico Landscape 21x28
2-7       Schwindt, David** Untitled (Canyon Rocks) 31x24
1-20     Secrest, Robert E.** Shepard’s Home 30x37
1-32     Sheets, Millard Birds, Boats and Cliffs 31x38
1-28     Sheets, Millard Exprencen D’Artistes (lithograph) 29x39
2-39     Sheets, Millard Iverson Landing 30x40
1-29     Shubin, Morris Armadillo 33x29
2-43-a  Smith, Ann Paradise Revisited 37x29
2-14     Smith, Ann Tree House 29x37
2-6       Spear, Bonnie** Landscape #1 28x36
2-37     Stabin, Mel Farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains-2004 18x22
1-35     Taylor, Jo Untitled (Seashells) 29x35
1-33     Usner, Arthur** Sacred Datura 45x18
2-20     Vorhees, D. Lowrey Untitled-2005 (collage,city scenes) 38x30
1-49     Waddell, Gale** Old Wood and Golden Splendor 24x31
1-6       Wallake, Jan Country Gate 22x29
2-29-d  Walker, Frank Triangles 24x30
2-38     Walker, Peter** Mission-Golden, NM 31x26
2-29-e  Webb, Frank Untitled (Buildings in Green) 28x21
1-30     Webb, Frank Untitled (Buildings and Boats) 30x38                                                            X-XX     Wiegardt, Eric Ville Franche Shadows                                                                             1-17     Wood, Robert Hacienda Vista Hermosa 29x37                                                                2-13     Wood, Robert Wharfs 29x37

1-31     Zhen, Lian Quan Angelfish 2006 23x30
X-XX     Zhen, Lian Quan Canyons and Cactus
1-15     Zornes, Milford Aspens 30x37
2-47     Zornes, Milford Calle de Colima 31x38
2-34     Zornes, Milford Cathedral de Mexico 32x34
1-22     Zornes, Milford Corrales Adobes and Cottonwoods 29x36
1-44     Zornes, Milford Napili Shores 30x38
1-12     Zornes, Milford Rio Grande Valley 29x36

* Donated to the Permanent Collection. Not to be sold.
** Former President of the NMWS

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