The New Mexico Watercolor Society is pleased to offer its members a number of services and benefits of membership. One special benefit is access to an extensive library of art history books, art instruction books, video tapes and DVDs. These items are loaned to members at no charge, with a small security deposit.

NMWS Comprehensive Library Lists (Books, DVDs, VHS Video Tapes)

2014-08 NMWS Comprehensive_Library_Lists.pdf

To request a book, tape or DVD from these lists, please contact our Librarians, Ray and Janis Prudhomme (please see Member Directory for Prudhommes' telephone and e-mail contact information).


Taking and Preparing Digital Photos of your Paintings


For artists needing a refresher on taking digital photos of your artwork,

please click on the links below:

NMWS-Tips for Taking Digital Photos of Art (George McCaul).pdf

NMWS-How to Photograph Your Artwork (George McCaul).pdf

To Crop and Re-Size your photos, a free software is available.

2017 NMWS Pixlr.com Instructions.pdf

To Convert your photo resolution to 300 DPI, a free software is available.


For artists needing a refresher on how to Register for an Exhibition, Upload your Digital Image Files to the website, and Pay by credit card, here is an example "slide show" (in .PDF) from the 2015 Spring Show

2016 Reg_and_Digi_Upload_Slides.pdf



And here's a list of vendor resources for painters in the Southern Chapter area:  NMWS-SC_Resources_for_Painters.pdf

Mailing Addresses:

New Mexico Watercolor Society
P.O. Box 11604
Albuquerque, NM 87192

(Southern Chapter)
New Mexico Watercolor Society - SC
PO Box 1571
Las Cruces, NM 88004-157

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