Minutes from the monthly 
NMWS ABQ Board Meetings and the 
NMWS ABQ General Meetings are listed below.

2017 ABQ Meeting Minutes

2016 ABQ Meeting Minutes
2016-12-11 Albuquerque Holiday Party - No Formal Meeting Scheduled

There was no meeting and thus no Minutes recorded for 2016-07

2015 ABQ Meeting Minutes
2015-12-06 Holiday Party - No Formal Meeting Scheduled

2014 ABQ Meeting Minutes
2014-12-07 Holiday Party - No Formal Meeting was Held


No meeting is held for the ABQ area NMWS during the month of August.


2013 ABQ Meeting Minutes
2013-12-08 NMWS Holiday Party - No Business Meeting, No Minutes

(No ABQ NMWS meeting is held in August)

Mailing Addresses:

New Mexico Watercolor Society
P.O. Box 11604
Albuquerque, NM 87192

(Southern Chapter)
New Mexico Watercolor Society - SC
PO Box 1571
Las Cruces, NM 88004-157

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