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Exhibition Placements Gallery

2017 NMWS-Southern Chapter Spring (Members) Ribbon and Prize Placements


Best of Show 

Dragon Roses 

Robin Lee Makowski

First Place 


Linda Keener


Honorable Mention 

Red or Green?

Penny Thomas Simpson

Second Place 

Dark Night, Yellow Moon 

Nancy Frost Begin

Honorable Mention 

Corn Maiden 

Caroline Bunch

Third Place 

A Taste of Color  

Ruth Vreeland 

2017 NMWS Spring (Members) Show Ribbon and Prize Placements

Best of Show 

 Winter in the Canyon 

 Bud Edmondson

First Place 


 Patricia Rios

Second Place


 Rex Barron

People's Choice Award 


Tricia Love 

Third Place 

Agua Cuba

 Antonio Darden

2016 NMWS Early Journey ONLINE Show Ribbon Placements

Best of Show - "Palominos Have More Fun" - Karen Bunkowski

First Place - "Meditation" - Sandi Ludescher

Second Place - "In the Kansas Sun" - Julie Caffee-Cruz

Third Place - "Birth of a Butterfly" - Ray Prudhomme

2016 NMWS SC Spring Exhibition Ribbon and Prize Placements

Best of Show: “It’s a Green Heat!” by Ruth Vreeland

First Place: “What’s Up?” by Tina Stallard 


Honorable Mention: “Dripping Springs” by Beverley Pirtle

Second Place: “Royal Street Strings” by Woody Duncan 

Honorable Mention: “Freesia 1” by Patricia Baca

Third Place: “Lemon Pecan Bars” by Penny T. Simpson 

2015 NMWS Fall Exhibition Ribbon and Prize Placements

   Best of Show - Penny Thomas Simpson for Another Blooming Cactus

First place - Carol Maestas for Santiago

Best of New Mexico- Jane Fritz for Tent Rocks. 

 Second place - Ruth Andrews-Vreeland for Its a Green Heat

Third place - Rebecca Nolda for Fault Line V

Other Fall 2015 Prize Placements

 Joy Brinkley Hill    

Marta Gifford


Linda Allison


Suzy Powell


Marie Siegrist 


Todd Tibbals


Judy Boyd

Steve Rothert

Woody Duncan

Barbara McGuire

Robbie Fitzpatrick

Patricia Rios

Other awardees included:

Click on this link to see the complete list of awardees.

2015-10 NMWS Fall awards.pdf


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