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Signature Member Group Application

For Questions or Concerns - Please contact Andrea Nichols or Anne Cox

From this page, a qualifying New Mexico Watercolor Society member may apply for Signature Member Group status in one of two ways. With either method of application, a $10.00 payment is required. 

Members may pay the $10.00 fee by personal check made out to NMWS and mailed to: NM Watercolor Society, PO Box 11604, Albuquerque, NM 87192, or through this website, online with a credit card or via PayPal.

Option 1

Click link for a Printable NMWS Signature Member Group Application Form 2014-06 Signature Member Application Form.pdf

Option 2

The option for filling out the application form and paying by credit card online is now available for eligible members with Active, Contributing or Patron membership status in NMWS. 

Please Log-In to the NMWS website FIRST.

Simply click on the "REGISTRATION for Upcoming Events" tab and scroll down to the "Application for NMWS Signature Membership" or click on the link below. 


Click "Register" and follow the prompts to apply for SMG status. Once the online form is completed, you will be taken to a payment (by credit card or PayPal) page, and subsequently to an image upload page. Applicants may also mail a personal check for $10 made out to "NMWS-Signature Member Group" to the NMWS Post Office box (above), instead of making an online payment.

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